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Feel calm and clarified in body, mind, and soul.
With birth preparation at Copenhagen Doulas you and your partner will learn how to promote a spontanous, safe, and satisfying birth experience.

Fødselsforberedelse Copenhagen Doulas Filosofi


We believe that preparation is the passport to a safe and satisfying birth experience. We believe that birth preparation will help you release worries and fears. We believe that you, your partner and your baby through preparation will obtain a safe, satisfying and memorable birth experience. 

Fødselsforberedelse Copenhagen Doulas Filosofi


With birth preparation at Copenhagen Doulas you and your partner will be guided through a wide range of themes like clarification of wishes and needs, an understanding of the physiological and psychological birth process, baby’s journey, the value of breath, and comfort measures. 

Fødselsforberedelse Copenhagen Doulas Filosofi


Birth preparation at Copenhagen Doulas is interactive, evidence based and dialogue-oriented as we think the best way to learn is by doing, listening and experiencing. We use a range of teaching methods including written material, videoes, and experiential tools.

Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

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