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Body. Breath. Birth.

Prepare your baby’s birthday with your partner.
‘Body. Breath. Birth.’ is a 5-hours integrative workshop which centres around the bodily experience of birth.

Body. Breath. Birth.

5-hours workshop

This is a 5-hours prenatal workshop that centres around the bodily experiences of birth: breath and movement spiced with educational nuggets of birth wisdom and descicion making strategies.

This five-hour workshop is divided into five limbs of practice:

MOVEMENT – moving together with your partner finding your own rhythmic blueprint for birth.

BREATH – learning about the breath and how it helps you embrace and transform the energy of birth.

EDUCATION – helping you understand the power of birth and how to own the birth experience.

REBOZO – preparing your body and your baby for a smoother birth with rebozo massage.

DECISION MAKING – how to listen to and trust your inner voice and make deliberate choices.

Date: Saturday January 5th 2019
Time: 12:00 – 18:00 – including one hour lunch break
Venue: The Yoga Flat, Christianshavns Torv 2, 1410 Cph K

1.500,00 DKK pr. couple including tea and snacks.  

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Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

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