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Organic Pregnancy Scan

Connect with your unborn child and gain peace and tranquility in your body, mind, and soul.
Affectionate presence without maschines and ultrasound.

An Organic Pregnancy Scan at Copenhagen Doulas is a safety scan that gives you peace and tranquility. You’ll obtain a deep essential bonding with your unborn baby, an understanding of your sophisticated communication system, and a sense of connection and cohesion that helps you tune in to, understand and act to your unborn baby’s clues and needs.

You possess an inherited source of knowledge and wisdom. Because of your increased vulnerability as pregnant you are far more open to get in touch with this inner treasury of information, insights and wisdom.

From Mother Nature’s part this extreemly intelligent mecanism that is activated now that you have to take care of another human being and need all of your senses to generate the best possible conditions for the baby you are an active co-creator of. Your unborn baby is also an active co-creator in this process and during pregnancy you and your baby are communicating through a highly sophisticated communication system of i.a. transmitter substances and nerve impulses.

This communication can be expressed through feelings, sensations, words, visuals, thoughts and actions  – some times very psysical and some times as a sixth sense.

With an Organic Pregnancy Scan we aim to cultivate, nourish, and strenghten  this communication system by creating an inhanced intimacy, awareness, and focus between you and your unborn child.

We make time for cultivating a loving presence and help increase your intuition – and the tools we use are something as natural and low-tech as your own hands, your inner voice, and baby’s rhythm, movements, and cues.

No machines, no ultra sound – just a lot of loving presence with your unborn child!

Organic Pregnancy Scan takes place in the comfort of your own home (Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen Area) or in Christianshavn or Cph NV.
The scan takes 60-75 minutes.

For the scan we need a yogamat (or simular non-slip mat), a blanket, pillows in various sizes, and a bolster/coiled up duvet or blanket.
To be able to focus 100% on the scan please have all these things ready before we arrive.

Your partner is more than welcome to participate.

The Organic Pregnancy Scan takes 60-75 minutes and costs 1.175,00 DKK.

If you live more than 20 km away from Cph Ø there’s a travel expenses fee of DKK 150,00.

1) Buy an Organic Pregnancy Scan in our shop here.

2) Write us an e-mail mail(a) with your

  • name
  • address
  • estimated due date
  • phone number

3) We call you back and schedule a session.


Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017.