3-days workshop Robin Lim & Debra Pascali-Bonaro

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The full 3-days workshop experience Saturday, Sunday and Monday June 22-24 2019 in Copenhagen.

DAY#1 Saturday
Global Perspectives – Local initiatives, reflections, and practices

  • Opening Circle
  • Birth in Chaotic Environments and Settings
  • Strategies for Coping
  • Birth Activism
  • New Paradigm of Birth
  • Visions
  • Closing Circle


DAY #2 Sunday
The Role of Pleasure and Comfort in Life and Birth

  • Opening Circle
  • The Path to Pleasure in Life and Birth
  • Orgasmic Birth
  • Comfort, Movement, and Love
  • 1st stage hands-on practice with focus on malpositions
  • Stand and Deliver: The Research Behind Physiological 2nd Stage
  • Awakening Birth and Pleasure Practitioners
  • Closing Circle


DAY #3 Monday
Postpartum: the Fourth Trimester

  • Opening Circle
  • Placenta the Forgotten Chakra
  • Postpartum Traditions from Around the World
  • Postpartum Care for Midwives and Doulas
  • Rebozo Closing
  • Closing Ceremony

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4 in stock



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