Organic Pregnancy Scan

1,175.00 DKK

Get in contact with your unborn child!

No machines, no ultrasound – just lots of loving attention and presence.

With Organic Pregnancy Scan at Copenhagen Doulas you’ll get reassurance and peace of mind about your unborn baby’s well-being.

You’ll achieve a profound connection with your unborn child and an understanding of your sophisticated communication system. We take the time needed to create a loving presence and increase you intuition – and the tools we use are very natural and low-tech: your own hands, your inner voice and baby’s rhythm, movements, and clues.

Where: In the comfort of your own house (Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen Area) or in Christianshavn or Cph NV
Time: 75 minutes
Price: 1.175,00 kr.
How to make an appointment: See ‘Schedule Appointment’ here


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