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Feel calm and clarified in body, mind, and soul.
With ‘Ready for Birth and Beyond’ 5-weeks class course you and your partner will learn how to promote a spontanous, safe, and satisfying birth experience.

Ready for birth & Beyond

5 weeks class course

This is a 5 weeks prenatal class course in English with birth preparation in five foreseeable modules. All in all 10 hours of essential birth- and parenthood preparation that turn on your self-confidence, strenghten your teamwork as a couple, and make you ready for a positive birth experience.

We recommend that you are between week 24-32 when the class course starts up.

Module #1 – Women only
The strength and vulnerability of pregnancy.
How challenges can help you uncover your full potential. We’ll teach you simple and effective tools that can help and guide you to listen to, trust in and navigate from your intuition in order for you to achieve peace, inner balance and trust.

Module #2 – Women only
Your wise body and baby’s journey.
Learn how to listen to your body and how to let it guide you during birth, and know baby’s needs during birth and how you support her/him best possible on her/his journey out into your arms.

Module #3 – with partners
The puzzling world of birth and parent cooperation.
Birth is more than strenuous physical work – it’s a significant journey for all three of you. You’ll learn how consciuous cooporation can lead to a calm and safe birthing experience.

Module #4 – with partners
Birth from A-Z and birthing positions.
We turn up information about the course of birth, you’ll be guided to beneficial postitions for labour and birth and your partner will recieve tools that facilitates a natural and safe birth and make him stay calm and confident.

Module #5 – with partners
Becoming us.
Having a baby is demanding and can be challenging for your partnership. We’ll get around how you can cope with the most common challenges and what strenghten your role as parents and partners.

The classes vary between practical excercises, dialogue and information based on latest evidence and our broad experiences. 10 hours of essential birth- and parenthood preparation that turn on your self-confidence, strenghten your teamwork as a couple and make you ready for a gentle and safe birthing experience.

Start up: October 30th
Dates: 30/10, 6/11, 13/11, 20/11, 27/11
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: NOR:, Hejrevej 30, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Due-period: December/January

Start up: January 8th
Dates: 8/1, 15/1, 22/1, 29/1, 5/2
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: NOR:, Hejrevej 30, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Due-period: February/March

2.995,00 DKK pr. couple including tea, snacks, and a comprehensive workbook. 

Buy Class 2019-7 • 30/10-27/11 • 2.995,00 DKK
Buy Class 2020-1 • 8/1-5/2 • 2.995,00 DKK

My boyfriend and I attended ‘Ready for Birth and Beyond’ course with Louise and Karina Isolde – and we loved it.

It was great to be together in this travel of getting ready for birth and we both enjoyed the hands-on exercises and the theoretical part.

Louise and Karina Isolde are well educated and experienced, they are well spoken and has great empathy.

And then it was great to meet other pregnant couples from around the world.

I definitely recommend others to do the same.

Kristine, first time mom

Copenhagen Doulas was an amazing learning experience for me and my wife.

Karina Isolde and Louise do an amazing job teaching and supporting parents through the amazing journey that is pregnancy and birth.

I would specially like to highlight that the courses are personalized for every couple, making it an unique experience.

Karina Isolde and Louise thank you for all the love and support during our journey.

Morgan, first time dad

Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017