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Rebozo Massage

Rebozo massage is a gentle massage that relaxes and balances the lower back and pelvic areas, increases the natural flow of the body, and strenghtens bonding and attachment – and rebozo massage can be used throughout the entire pregnancy.

Birth preparation during COVID-19/Corona

Rebozo massage

During the COVID-19/Corona lock-down we offer online rebozo massage instruction.
The online rebozo massage instruction takes 60 minutes and costs DKK 500,00.
Please call 4095 0786 or 2613 1975 to book an online session. 

Rebozo comes from Spanish, from the verb that means to cover or envelope oneself. Rebozo massage originates from Mexico and has been used through generations to help pregnant women relax, find inner peace, concentrate on their bodies and unborn babies and to prevent  the risks of complications during birth.

For the rebozo massage we use one or more mexican rebozos, brightly coloured garments,  which we wrap around your pregnant body. With the rebozos we cradle, stretch and massage your body to relax and balance the soft tissues of your pelvis (muscles, connective tissues,  ligaments).

Rebozo massage releases oxytocin and endorphins and regenerate your body. The rebozo massage generates comfort and calmness for both you and your baby.

Simple, gentle and yet highly effective massage which eases back pain and tension, increases generel well-being, and facilitates a smoother birth experience.

Rebozo massage takes place in the comfort of your own home (Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen Area).

The rebozo massage takes 60 minutes.

For the massage we need a yogamat (or simular non-slip mat), a pillow, and a bolster or coiled up duvet/blanket.

Your partner is more than welcome to participate.

It’s also possible to book a session in Christianshavn or Cph NV.

Rebozo Massage

Single session 60 minutes DKK 750,00

5 x 60 min rebozo massage DKK 3.250,00

If you live more than 20 km from Cph Ø there’s a travel expenses fee at DKK 150,00 per session.

It is also possible to book sessions in Christianshavn, Østerbro or Cph NV.

1) Buy a Rebozo Massage in our shop here.

2) Write us an e-mail mail(a) with your

  • name
  • address
  • estimated due date
  • phone number

3) We call you back and schedule the session(s).


Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017.