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Blessing of the Birth Keepers

December 12 2020

Conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, weaning:
As birth keepers, we live our lives by powerful natural cycles in others’ lives. But we often neglect our own.

This December, as we approach the Winter Solstice and the end of this unprecedented year, we will gather with other birth keepers for a ceremony to process all the beautiful things and hard things that the cycle of 2020 has brought to our own lives.

The ceremony will include a chance to process your experiences internally and in community. We will celebrate the wonder and wisdom that 2020 included, and we will include a ceremony of release so that we leave feeling stronger and lighter than we felt when we arrived.

It is also possible to attend live online.

All birth-related workers are welcome to attend:
midwives, nurses, doulas, IBCLCs, pelvic physical therapists, perinatal yoga instructors, obstetricians, infant and maternal bodyworkers, etc. Our connections to each other strengthen us.

Our Tentative Schedule:

Opening the Circle: Birth Keeper’s Invocation & Group Introductions
Understanding Our Lives: Rediscovering Traditional Ways of Being and Doing
Connecting the Circle: Movement and Sound
Accessing Our Year’s Realities: Guided Reflections for Keeping, Growing, and Releasing
Releasing: Ceremony and Breath Work for Letting Go
Closing the Circle: Sharing a Focus for 2021
Moving Into the Light: Celebratory Tea, Champagne, and Cake

Date: Saturday December 12
Time: 13:00-15:30
Kbh’s Yoga, Østerbrogade 56E, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
– or online!

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a white or off-white unscented pillar candle (either stearin or soy wax, not paraffin, due to the smoke) for us to light.
You will also take this candle home with you afterwards.

If you join online please honour your time and create a quiet place for yourself with space to move. Taking time on your own makes it possible for you and us to connect with each other without interuptions.

In person attendance: DKK 350,00

Online attendance: DKK 275,00
Live access only – no recording!