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A celebration of you and your motherhood 

How often are you celebrated as a mom?

Our guess is that it’s very rare – or maybe not at all…!?
We know that you deserve to be celebrated and honored as the amazing mother
you are and for the immense life change you have been through, from the
hormonal- and bodily changes to relationship- and identity shifts.   

We introduce a ritual ceremony to mark your transition into motherhood
and to honor and recognizing you for bringing your child into this world.

Welcome to our Ceremony for New Moms of 2020.

Ceremony for New Moms of 2020

Did you become a mother in 2020?
If so, this ceremony and workshop to close the year is designed to help you process this immense life change and move forward into a deeper relationship with yourself as a mother.
The process of becoming a mother, also known as matrescence, is a sacred and vulnerable time involving physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and logistical shifts in ourselves. Our very identities are permanently altered by this change.
Throughout human history, the journey into motherhood has been revered, and it has been recognized with rites of passage that mark the transitions. But modern Western cultures are largely absent the rites of passage for motherhood.
In response to our clients’ needs for a sense of connection and closure in the year of their children’s birth,  we have created this year-end ceremony for new mothers. The ceremony intentionally includes room for all of the kinds of experiences around the process of becoming a mother: from the amazing aspects to the most challenging ones.
We will provide guided reflections for private processing, a group ritual for individually releasing what you need to relinquish from this year of tremendous change, and a process for better accessing the wisdom that exists inside you.
Babies are welcome to attend with you, or you may take this time just for yourself.
You can attend in person (limited availability)  or live online.

Our tentative schedule:

Upon Arrival: Centering Activity
Opening the Circle: Being Mother While Being Self
Connecting to Each Other: Movement and Music
Accessing Our Inner Mentors: Building Trust in Ourselves
Reviewing This Year: Guided Reflections & Sharing
Releasing Ceremony: Support for Letting Go
Closing the Circle: Owning Our Whole Identities

Programme may be subject to change. 

Date: Friday December 18 2020
Time: 12:00-14:00
Kbh’s Yoga
Østerbrogade 56E (the ABC-street opposite the lakes)
2100 Cph Ø

– or online!

In person attendance: 350,00 kr.

Online attendance: 350,00 kr. (only live – no recording)
You will receive link and password with your receipt when you sign up in our shop. 

In person:
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite notebook and pen. If you bring your baby, please bring a blanket for her/him to lie on. Strollers can be parked outside the windows.

If you join online please honour this special time for you and create a quiet place for yourself with space to move – your baby is of course very welcome.  You will be on mute except when sharing or asking questions. It’s only possible to attend live, the event will not be recorded.

“The ceremony for new moms was both touching and emotional. I enjoyed listening to the other moms sharing their thoughts and the space and serenity to reflect on the immense experience it is to become a mother to a new human being”

Sofie, participant 2019

“Your support and precense meant the world to us – being around encouraging and supporting us both mentally and practically made us feel confident and safe.”

Kathrin, first time mom