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Q&A Fridays

Join our free monthly Q&A Fridays sessions
Each month has a pregnancy-, birth- or postpartum related topic.
Feel free to join them all or just pick your favorite!   

Free Q&A Fridays

Being pregnant or a new mom, especially in a foreign country, brings up sooo many questions, considerations, and concerns, not to mention the process of redefining yourself as a mother and parent. 

Maybe you are

  • curious about what lies ahead for you?
  • pregnant or new mom in Denmark looking for a community?
  • searching for competent feedback to your pregnancy-, birth and postpartum releated questions and concerns?
  • worrying about induction, tearing or breastfeeding?
  • interested in understanding how to navigate the Danish health care system?
  • want to feel at ease with your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period?

Join our Q&A Fridays community
No matter if you can say yes to one or all of the above you are so very welcome to join our monthly online Q&A Friday sessions – they are free of charge, all you need to do is sign up for the Q&A Fridays that appeal to you and you will then be part of our community for new moms.

We welcome you and look forward to share our many years of knowledge working as birth educators and doulas with you.

Louise and Karina Isolde

Every Q&A Friday sessions are FREE – starting at 12:00-13:00 they each have a specific theme or topic – the structure will be the same:

  • Welcome
  • 20 minutes presentation of the theme or topic of the month
  • 30 minutes Q&A
  • Wrap up, presentation of next month’s theme or topic, and see you!

When you sign up for the Q&A Fridays of your choice you will receive a welcoming email in your inbox with a link to Zoom + your personal passcode for the upcoming session.

If you are not able to join live, don’t worry – we will send you the recording afterwards and you have access to the recording for the following week.

Sign up via the buttons below ⇓ – it’s free!

Fridays 12:00-13:00 – free of charge!

February 19: Understand the Danish healthcare system

March 19: Movement and dance as nourishing selfcare 

April 23: How to prevent tearing during birth

May 21: Hot mamma!

June 18: Your conscious baby


We are so happy to offer our Q&A Fridays to you TOTALLY free of charge – it will cost you nil, zip, nada!

All you have to do is sign up for each individual Q&A Fridays you want to join – just pick and choose from the ‘menu’ below.

Birth preparation during COVID-19/Corona

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Personal support in uncertain times
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Ready for Birth

Birth preparation

Classes, online or Walk N’ Talk

Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017.