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Yoga during pregnancy 


Prenatal yoga reduces stress, improves sleep, enhance your muscle tone and stamina, reduces nausea, headache and the risk of preterm birth.*

*Satterfield, May og Newton, 2016

Birth preparation during COVID-19/Corona


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Prenatal yoga is a refuge from the everyday hustle. Yoga during pregnancy is perfect for those who long for quiet moments to enjoy the growing baby in their womb. Along with other pregnant women, you will get a unique connection to your body and the journey you go through during pregnancy.

All classes are guided at a steady pace and flow. We have a profound focus on your breathing and how to arrange your hands, feet and yourself on the yoga mat, so that you experience how to create room for the baby and for your body when you are doing yoga.

You’ll be guided through a series of exercises that alleviate the most common pregnancy complaints such as pain in the pelvis, lower back and spine. These exercises naturally take into account the fact that there are certain positions you might not be able to do.

When we give extra attention to good posture, it is because we know from experience that a healthy posture helps to ensure optimal positioning of the baby in the pelvis.

As you follow our prenatal yoga classes you become much better prepared, both physically and mentally, for the birth itself. Every class is a small haven that focuses on you, your body, your breathing and your baby in the womb.

Prenatal yoga classes are drop-in classes – this gives you the freedom of joining from one time to the next.

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Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions, and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things. 

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017.