Dad´s Day ∙ Aug 26

425,00 kr.

Saturday August 26
13:00 – 15:00
in Østerbro Cph

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You will learn how to navigate the transition to fatherhood and find your ground in this life changing experience.

Learn how you can support your wife during pregnancy, labour and birth and why you make a world of difference in the postpartum days as well.

We will show how to comfort your baby in the early and late hours and how to support your wife best possible.  We will create the opportunity for you to share your hopes for and worries about your new role as a father and for the new family dynamics.

When you sign up for this workshop you also get:

  • Our eBook “Guide to prenatal check-ups in the Danish public healthcare system”
  • Video guides on how to support your partner during pregnancy, labour and birth

Learn more about Dad’s Day here


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