Who are we?

Weare committed professionals who view birth as a sacred space that will be remembered for the rest of your life. We fully believe in our role as birth keepers witnessing your choices enacted into unique experiences that have never been before and that will never be repeated. We honor each journey and we hold space, share wisdom and offer support with knowledge, experience, and intuition both as doulas and as childbirth educators. 

Karina Isolde

Ambassador and catalyst for safe birthing experiences, birth geek and co-founder of Copenhagen Doulas.

My formal labels are Certified doula, birth coach, nutritional counsellor and midwife student. I live in Gentofte with my two wonderful children born 2003 and 2005 and their lovely father. I’m a former primary school teacher, a huge Harry Potter fan, and very curious by nature.

I believe that every child deserves a safe and respectful birth. This require that you as a mother feel confident, empowered, and trust your intelligent body and that your partner understands both your and your baby’s needs throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Louise Timm

I am a lover of movement and yoga and passionate about the wise feminine body, I am a dedicated doula and co-founder of Copenhagen Doulas.

It brings me so much joy teaching women movements and yoga. I love seeing how it enables them to feel their body’s full potential and power. I smile from head to toe when a woman senses how breathing together with soft, rich, and powerful movements can bring space, joy, and pleasure to the body, pregnancy, labor, and birth.

I am an advocate for families to trust their inner wisdom, power, and knowledge. I teach pre- and postnatal yoga at yogawithlouise.dk – my own down-to-earth yoga studio. I live in Østerbro with my husband and two sons.