Doula Training

A comprehensive doula training that prepare you to start working as a professional birth doula

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Doula Training

The Copenhagen Doulas’ Doula Training 2024

Our signature doula programme is a 10-day in-person comprehensive doula training for aspiring and practising doulas, birth workers, and health care professionals, rooted in a holistic understanding of birth physiology and psychology.

We weave empirical wisdom and modern science together in an intensive training, placing emphasis on our embodied, practical and holistic approach to being doulas.

How a person is cared for during pregnancy, birth and postpartum significantly influences not only how they give birth, but also how they feel about the experience for years to come. Birthing a child is a sacred, vulnerable, and transformative time, and the quality of care received throughout can affect the long term physiological health and mental well-being of the parent, well beyond the early parenthood years.

Caring for people in pregnancy, birth and postpartum is changing the paradigm of humanity, healing the world by changing the culture of birth. As doulas, mothers, women, and holistic women’s health care providers we experience and witness the massive gaps in care around pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

……Why doulas matter

Extensive published research has demonstrated that doulas fill the gaps in maternity care and provide benefits in medical outcomes, improving fulfilment and satisfaction as the mother or parents define it.

Yet modern pre- and perinatal medical care focuses almost exclusively on the physical safety of the baby and birthing person, and places little emphasis on their emotional well-being, relationship with partner, and readiness to parenthood.

We wish to change that!

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……During this doula training you will:

Become familiar with the foundations of being a doula, learn how to support clients and community with an integrated understanding of birth physiology, and emerge with the knowledge of how you as a doula can inform, guide and hold space for your clients.

Furthermore you will:

  • understand how you can make a significant change while promoting health and wellbeing in pregnancy and birth with your clients and community
  • know the blueprint of birth and beyond
  • be equipped to offer clients a framework for understanding birth and postpartum
  • study and practise the requirements for supporting people through birth in all its forms
  • feel prepared, confident and excited about how you as a doula can make a significant impact in today’s birth culture.

……The intention of this doula training

We want to educate and inspire doulas, with emphasis on how you as a certified doula can offer support in pregnancy, labour and early postpartum.

The intention of our training is to

  • offer substantial education from the five modular pillars of the training: Informational support, Physical support, Emotional support, Embodying support and Professional support.
  • inspire and train you to become a doula who can guide and support primarily the pregnant and labouring person, but also to provide education, quality care and support to a partner.
  • educate and inspire doulas to support families in every possible setting for birth, such as homebirth, hospital birth, birth clinic etc.
  • motivate to self enquiry, embodied knowledge and the cultivation of conscious leadership which we consider essential for being a doula and birth professional.

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……What is special about this doula training?

Our doula training uniquely integrates traditional birth and midwifery wisdom with our specialised Copenhagen Doulas’ Doula Training material. In total, we have been working in the realm of birth for more than 35 years. We have instilled that extensive experience and passion as doulas into this programme, providing our students a serious advantage through access to concrete first-hand advice and practices.

We have created this course for you to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to become a doula and support women in pregnancy and birth.

Because we trust in birth, we believe in women and know that this work can change our birth culture!

This doula training is intended to educate doulas, with focus on how you, as a trained doula, can offer support in pregnancy, labour and early postpartum through the five modular pillars of care:

Informational support

Physical support

Emotional support

Embodying support

Professional support

“If a doula were a drug,
it would be unethical not to use it”

~ John H. Kennel, pediatrician

Opening the circle and laying the foundations for understanding the role of a doula, scope of practice and legal framework for practicing as a doula in Denmark.  

We dive into the hormonal and physiological blueprint of human birth and unfold the obvious wisdom and benefits of women centered birth. We explore how doulas can inspire and directly impact clients’ health and wellbeing in pregnancy and birth, hereby promote better birth outcomes and change the modern birth culture from within.  

We believe that it is key to cultivate conscious awareness about how you feel and how to regulate our own doula body and secondly offer a grounded nervous system to our doula clients. In this module we introduce both theoretical understanding of the nervous system and explore cues and practices for safety, all structured so doulas can use this personally and with your clients.  

We dive deep into the physical practice of learning basic effectful rebozo techniques, guided and balancing bodywork, breathing and embodiment. Building trust and practice with pregnant clients and being supervised in our community in your personal experience of embodiment.  

Foundational to our doula training is embodiment practice integrated in every module. We believe that selfcare, bodywork, nourishment and introspection are key to upholding a healthy doula body, mind and spirit.

In this module we dive deeper into the matrix of birth stories, birth experiences and how to work with this as a doula. We dig into the more traumatic and pathological side of birth, when pregnancy or birth is complicated and what this can require for you as a doula. 

We touch upon pre- and perinatal psychology and explore our own personal birth stories.  

We also unfold central pillars of doulawork: advocacy and clairty. Learn what we think is the absolute foundation in being able to support clients in making personal, informed and educated decisions. 

More practical and theoretical experience of preparing for and meeting clients. In this module we stage a rehersal-space for you to get your doula-mojo into practice, meeting clients, practice, defining and trying out your personal doula signature. You are invited to start setting up your comunication platform. We debrief with the community.  

The Wise Woman Conscious Business Model 

Creating a wise and conscious model for your doula business. Professional support and understanding your doulawork as a business. We want our doula students to be successful and sustained by their doula work – we focus on transforming our birth community in a powerful way that will ALSO attract money and abundance into your own life. Closing the circle, certification and celebration ceremony.

Meet Karina Isolde

Birth coach, pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, childbirth educator, nutritional counsellor, midwife student and former teacher. 'I am called to do this work because I believe that every child deserves a safe and respectful birth'.

Meet Kristine

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, mentor, medical anthropologist specialised in womens reproductive health and rights, nurturer of women, movement facilitator and holistic bodyworker. 'My work and life is rooted in a nature-based and counscious leadership approach'.

Meet Louise

Doula, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, mother, womens health and cyclic awareness practitioner, psoas trainer, biodynamic cranio sacral therapist student and former teacher. 'I am an advocate for families to trust their inner wisdom, power and knowledge'.

Studies show that the presence of a doula during birth results in shorter births, fewer interventions,
and less need for medical pain-relief amongst other things.

Hodnett et al 2012 & Evidence Based Birth 2017