Doula Training

Do you want to change the paradigm of birth
with your wisdom, heart and hands? 

Become the change and join our embodied education and comprehensive doula training.

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Doula Training

The Copenhagen Doulas’ Doula Training 2024

We want to doula the renaissance of birth, change practice and language in and of birth so that mothers feel nourished and loved in their hours of labour. We wish for all babies arriving on Mother Earth to feel met, heard, loved and safe.

We trust birth, we believe in women and we know deep in our hearts and from experience that skilled doula work can lead to change.

In order to do this doula work, we need an empathic community of like minded and dedicated doulas to lift the culture around birth.

We have created this course for you to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to become a doula, so that you can support women in pregnancy and birth. In this doula-training we weave empirical wisdom and modern science together in an intensive education, placing emphasis on our embodied, practical and holistic approach to being doulas.

Our signature doula programme is a 10-day in-person comprehensive doula training, in the heart of Copenhagen. The doula training is for aspiring and practising doulas, birth workers, and healthcare professionals, rooted in a holistic understanding of birth physiology and psychology.

……What is special about this doula training?

As doulas we have witnessed the massive gaps in care around pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The insights and understanding of birth that we wish to pass on in our doula training, is wisdom learned from the thousands of hours spent with pregnant, labouring and birthing women. In total, we have been working in the realm of birth for more than 35 years and this gives this education a serious edge.

Our doula training uniquely integrates traditional birth and doula wisdom with our own extensive Doula Training Manual. 

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……During this doula training you will:

Become familiar with the foundations of being a doula, learn how to support clients and your community with an integrated understanding of birth physiology, and emerge with the knowledge of how you as a doula can inform, guide and hold space for your clients.

Furthermore you will:

  • understand how you can make a significant change while promoting health and wellbeing in pregnancy and birth
  • know the blueprint of birth and early postpartum
  • be equipped to offer clients a framework for understanding birth and early postpartum
  • study and practise the requirements for supporting women and families through birth
  • practise how to be present and rooted in your core and personal integrity
  • feel prepared, confident and excited about how you as a doula can make a significant impact in today’s birth culture.

……Why should you become a doula?

How a woman is cared for during pregnancy, birth and postpartum significantly influences not only her birth, but also how she feels about the experience for years to come. 

From our perspective, birthing a child is sacred.

Birth is vulnerable and transformative, for both mother, baby and family. 

The quality of care received throughout can affect long term physiological health and mental well-being, well beyond the early postpartum for all involved.

Doulas are important for creating sustainable change in the modern birth culture, by bridging the gaps in our healthcare system. Doulas promote (w)holistic health by providing continuity of care, qualified support, education, perspectives, reassurance and the comfort of presence. 

Trained and educated doulas offer a guide to build resilience in physiological, mental and emotional wellbeing of the mother, baby and new family. 

You should become a doula because you want to work with women and you want to work around birth. As a doula you are a part of a unique experience which matters and changes lives. 

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……The intention of Copenhagen Doulas’ Doula Training

We want to educate and inspire doulas, with emphasis on how you as a certified doula can offer support in pregnancy, labour and early postpartum.

The intention of our training is to

  • offer substantial education from the five modular pillars of the training: Informational support, Physical support, Emotional support, Embodied support and Professional support.
  • inspire and train you to become a doula so you can guide and support primarily the pregnant and labouring woman, but also to provide education, quality care and support to a partner.
  • educate and inspire doulas to support families in every possible setting for birth, such as homebirth, hospital birth, birth clinic etc.
  • motivate self enquiry, embodied knowledge and the cultivation of conscious leadership which we consider essential for being a doula and birth professional.

This doula training is intended to educate doulas, with focus on how you, as a trained doula, can offer support in pregnancy, labour and early postpartum through the five modular pillars of care:

Informational support

Physical support

Emotional support

Embodied support

Postpartum support

module 1 informational support the role of the doula copenhagen doulas doula training
Module 2 physical support your doula heart and hands copenhagen doulas doula training
Module 3 emotional support birth as doula wisdom Copenhagen doulas doula training
Embodied support Copenhagen Doulas Doula Training module 4
Embodied support Copenhagen Doulas Doula Training module 4

Meet the trainers

Meet Karina Isolde

Birth coach, pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, childbirth educator, nutritional counsellor, midwife student and former teacher. 'I am called to do this work because I believe that every child deserves a safe and respectful birth'.

Meet Kristine

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, mother, mentor, medical anthropologist specialised in womens reproductive health and rights, nurturer of women, movement facilitator and holistic bodyworker. 'My work and life is rooted in a nature-based and counscious leadership approach'.

Meet Louise

Doula, pre and postnatal yoga teacher, practitioner of women's health and cyclic awareness, student of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. ‘l am lover of slowing down, deep inner work and how we sense our bodies in birth and life'


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