Dad’s Day

As a first time expectant father, your life suddenly becomes full of the unknown and everyone’s opinion. Generally pregnancy and birth fall into quite a feminine area – we can help you get your head above the water and grow your capability and confidence in a group of likeminded fathers to-be.

Dads to be workshop copenhagen doulas

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975 DKK
including tea, snacks, video material and our pregnancy ebook guide ‘Prenatal check-ups in the Danish public healthcare system‘ .

Date: Saturday May 26
Time: 10:00-13:00
Venue: Holsteinsgade 6, 2100 Cph Ø
Due period: May/June/July/August

Are your Dad’s Day workshops taught in English?
Yes, it’s taught in English and the video material is also in Enghlish.

Where are the workskhops held?
The classes are held at Holsteinsgade 6 in Østerbro.

How do I get there?
You can take the M3 metro or bus 1A to Trianglen, from here there’s a 5 min walk.
You can take the S-train to Østerport Station, from here there’s a 10 min walk.
If you go by bike you can park it on the pavement outside the studio.
If you come by car you can park in all the streets in the area, you have to be ready to exercise your patience… It is within the blue parking zone (15 kr/hour Saturday) – you can use the EasyPark app.

What should I bring to the workshop?
We serve tea, coffee and light snacks. Please bring your favorite notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothes.

Who are teaching the classes?
Louise Timm, founder and owner of Copenhagen Doulas.

How do I get the eBook?
When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with practical info + our pregnancy eBook guide ‘Prenatal check-ups in the Danish public healthcare system’.

Dad’s Day

Workshop for dads to-be

Would you like to be as involved as possible with your baby from the very beginning? And do you want to learn how to best support your partner at the birth and in the first weeks postpartum?

This three hours workshop is for you!

You will learn how to navigate the transition to fatherhood and find your ground in this life changing experience.

“A fantastic workshop with Louise and the other dads! 
Has calmed me down immensely.”

~ Niclas, first time dad to-be

Learn how you can support your wife during pregnancy, labour and birth and why you make a world of difference in the postpartum days as well.

We will show how to comfort your baby in the early and late hours and how to support your wife best possible.  We will create the opportunity for you to share your hopes and worries about your new role as a father and for the new family dynamics with the other dads to-be.

When you sign up for this workshop you also get:

  • Our eBook “Guide to prenatal check-ups in the Danish public healthcare system”
  • Video guides on how to support your partner during pregnancy, labour and birth

We recommend that you chose a workshop that gives you at least one month before your baby is expected to arrive.


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