Life of a Doula

Doula also the next day

There are no make-ups here, there is a smile and twinkle in the eye because I was happy because the birth I was on call went so smoothly and powerfully.

I got up at 01:30 and shortly after I sat in a taxi on the way, not knowing how many hours lay ahead.
Do you get used to it? Nope not all the way.
Can you get up at 01:30 and not feel sorry for yourself, no not always, but it actually passes and then body, hands and breathing are in place. We don’t just feel like showing you beautiful pictures of us as doulas because Karina and I look raw when sleep interrupted and catching up. But that’s ok we’re ok with that because in our work lies a bigger mission; to work for women to be met, and feel safe, even when veers burst through possibly in the backseat of a car, so baby can come into the world met with confidence and to you can do that and yes your mother can.
Are we talking to you?
And Do you want to be a Doula, then write to us and get a spot on our Doula training.

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