Previous events for professionals

Be Inspired, Encouraged, and Refreshed

A three-day workshop about
Global Perspectives – Local initiatives, reflections, and practices:
Birth in Chaotic Environments and Settings, Birth Activism and Visions.

The Role of Pleasure and Comfort in Life and Birth:
Orgasmic Birth, Comfort, Movement, and Love, 1st stage hands-on practice with focus on malpositions, The Research Behind Physiological 2nd Stage, Awakening Birth and Pleasure Practitioners.

Postpartum – the Fourth Trimester:
Mother Blessing, Placenta the Forgotten Chakra, Postpartum Traditions from Around the World, Postpartum Care for Midwives and Doulas, Rebozo Closing.

An incredible three-day experience with birthkeepers from all over the world.

Debate event about birth, interventions, and baby’s experience.

With keynote speakers Hanne Dam, journalist and Henrik Dybvad Larsen, psychologist

Copenhagen March 19th 2019

This was the first debate event organised by Copenhagen Doulas. We wanted to bring more awarenes to the fact that there’s room for improvement in the Danish health care system. We have too many interventions and pregnant and birth giving mothers and babies does not always get the care you need.

Hanne Dam and Henrik Dybvad Larsen held presentations on the increasingly intervention rates and how this can effect children later on in life respectively.

After the presentations there was a panel debate with both key note speakers and
Lene Schou Jensen, public midwife
Bjarke Lund Sørensen, public Ob/Gyn
Birgitte Halkjær Storgaard, chairwoman of Forældre og Fødsel 
Jaqueline Vejlstrup, private midwife
Nanna Ørum, chiropractor
Karina Isolde, doula

and journalist Johanne Mygind as moderator.

Birth from baby’s perspective:
Birth issues and diagnostic skills.

With Matthew Appleton

Three-day workshop, Cph June 8-10 2018

This was Matthew Appleton’s first visit in Denmark. Matthew was here to teach about birth from the baby’s perspective. Matthew is a biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist and body therapist and has studied with leading European and American pre- and perinatal therapists.

In the workshop we came around how birth from the baby’s perspective constellates into four distinct stages (inlet dynamics, midpelvic dynamics, pelvic outlet dynamics, and restitution and emergence) each of which has its own physical and psychological consequences.

Further more we were introduced to how to identify physical birth patterns and the body language by which babies seek to communicate their birth experience, to differentiate between needs crying and memory crying, to support babies birth stories with accurate empathy, and to understand the consequences of unresolved birth trauma in later life.

The workshop was transformative in many levels and contributed to an extensive understanding and insight into the birthing process giving us a much wider perspective than the obstetrical and physiological lenses we normally use.

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

w/ Sarah J. Bukley

Double lecture and a whole-day workshop Feb 2018

Double lecture in Metropol, Copenhagen Feb 20 and a whole-day workshop in downtown Copenhagen Feb 21 2018

The titles of the double lectures:
“Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Endogenous oxytocin systems in the perinatal period

“The impact of maternity-care interventions on endogenous oxytocin systems for mother and baby”

Workshop themes:
The four important hormone systems active in labour and birth — oxytocin, beta-endorphins, adrenaline/noradrenaline and prolactin– and how they act to enhance ease, pleasure and safety for mother and baby.

Investigation of the possible impacts of common maternity-care interventions on these delicate hormonal systems, incluidng the effects of induction, caesareans and epidurals, and the possible consequences for mothers and babies. How to optimise hormonal physiology and fill the “hormonal gaps,” when interventions are required.

The magic hour after birth, and Mother Nature’s superb design continues after birth, optimising life-long health and wellbeing for mother and baby by optimising breastfeeding and attachment, including information about the process and benefits of the newborn placental transfusion.

Bring Love and Joy to Childbirth

w/ Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Three-day workshop, May 2017

Three-day workshop in Soul House, Copenhagen May 27-29 2017

What was covered in the workshop:
The Sexuality of Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, The path to Pleasure and Orgasmic Birth, Creative approaches to Childbirth Education, Nurturing Yourself, Teaching Comfort Measures, Birth activism and Birth as a Human Rights Issue, Doulas and midwives working together, Journey Dance™ and The Path to Optimal MotherBaby Care in Our Community.

I was impressed with the loving and caring atmosphere!

I felt so very welcome and I believe everyone felt safe to share personal experienses!

Louise and Karina Isolde from Copenhagen Doulas were professional and relaxed at the same time and I loved that they joined the workshop!

Anna Ladefoged, doula

I am a yoga teacher and found this workshop so useful, even though I am not a doula myself.

I can use so much of what I learned on this transformational weekend when teaching yoga to women in pregnancy and postnatally.

Debra has a lovely positive vibe and speaks so beautifully about the natural process of birth, it makes me want to do it again!

I love seeing birth as a pleasurable experience, let’s hope this message travels all over the world, we need a change. Thank you!

Johanna, Let's Yoga

I am a pregnant yogateacher that is all about healing body and soul naturally and help others to do the same.

Going to this workshop in Copenhagen just lightened up my body and soul even more because I learned soo much during the weekend and met so many new beautiful people and I think this is something everyone should attend to.

Birth is such a natural thing and the weekend just gave me soo much and I feel totally ready for giving birth and helping others to trust their bodies too??

Thank you for this beautiful event! Love and light.

Hannah, MerKaBa

I am very grateful for the effort and enthusiasm of Louise and Karina Isolde from Copenhagen Doulas in arranging all those amazing workshops with really great international teachers.

Everything is well arranged. This is not just a workshop, it is a love and passion from both teachers, organisers and participants.

I am looking forward for upcoming workshops.

Agnieszka, AgaBera

Spinning Babies®

w/ Jennifer Walker

One-day workshops June 13 and 15 2016

One-day workshops in Soul House, Copenhagen June 13 & 15 2016

Spinning Babies® is techniques based on soft tissue anatomy which helps to identify and help pregnant and birthing women with a new approach to comfort, pain relief, fetal positioning, and labor progress.

Spinning Babies workshoppen var en dejlig oplevelse. Vi var en god blanding af fødsels-professionelle; mange jordemødre og doulaer, nogle læger og psykologer.
Ind imellem har jeg kigget lidt på Spinning Babies hjemmesiden, hvis jeg har haft en baby som ikke lige vendte som jeg kunne tænke mig. Men med workshoppen her, fik jeg øvelserne i hænderne, og teorien blev præsenteret i en klar og forståelig form. Siden har jeg brugt “the fab four” i praksis med gode resultater, og den viden, jeg har fået, bringer jeg med mig i mit arbejde for altid.
God undervisning! Tak for en god oplevelse!

Jeg elskede mit arbejde inden jeg kom på workshoppen – nu elsker jeg det ENDNU mere!

Karina Mulvad, Jordemoder

Spinning Babies®

w/ Jennifer Walker

Two-day workshop November 12-13 2016

Two-day workshop in Metropol, Copenhagen November 12-13 2016

Spinning Babies® is techniques based on soft tissue anatomy which helps to identify and help pregnant and birthing women with a new approach to comfort, pain relief, fetal positioning, and labor progress.

Psoas During Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum

w/ Liz Koch

Three-day workshop, October 2017

Three-day workshop in Soul House, Copenhagen October 3-5 2017

An experiential workshop about the role of the psoas during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The workshop included how psoas work enhances every aspect of a woman’s pregnancy, the birth process, and postpartum integration and also the importance of the Psoas through every phase and discovery of tools that can easily be integrated into prenatal exercise and self-help relaxation routines.

For a woman, her pelvis is the cradle of civilization.  It needs to be lush, centered, and dynamic.  The Psoas holds the key for accessing instinctual wisdom so essential for a resilient natural birth process.

On a very functional level, maintaining or regaining a healthy psoas relieves or eliminates low back and leg pains, opens and centers the pelvic and hips, and can help pregnant women avoid induction. On every level understanding the message of the Psoas resolves the fears of birthing and empowers babies to emerge whole-hearted.