Who are we?

You only have this one opportuinity to give birth to your baby and the experience will stay with the both of you for the rest of your lives. Assembling the right birth team will help you create the birth you want for the birth of your baby. We are here for you to help create a safe and memorable birthing experience that you won’t regret and we offer high quality pregnancy-, birth-, and postpartum services based on a holistic and evidence based foundation.

Karina Isolde

Ambassador and catalyst for safe birthing experiences, birth geek and co-founder of Copenhagen Doulas. My formal labels are Certified doula, birth coach and nutritional counsellor. I live in Gentofte with my two wonderful children born 2003 and 2005 and their lovely father. I’m a former primary school teacher, a huge Harry Potter fan, and very corious by nature. I believe that every child deserves a safe and respectful birth. This require that you as a mother feel confident, empowered, and trust your intelligent body and that your partner understands both your and your baby’s needs throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Certified Birth Coach 2007
Certified Doula 2011
Certified Nutritional Counsellor 2011

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Louise Timm

Dedicated doula and co-founder of Copenhagen Doulas and I also happen to be a passionate pre- and postnatal yoga teacher. I am dedicated to educating women about their bodies full potential, to teach and guide how simple breathing techniques and positions can be very effective and lead to easier birhing experiences. I wish for all women to experience joy and happiness during both pregnancy, birth and beyond. I also teach pre- and postnatal yoga at MammaYoga.dk – my own down-to-earth yoga studio – also in English. I live in Østerbro with my husband and two adorable sons born 2010 an 2013 and I love to go for morning dips in the ocean.

Certified yoga teacher
Certified pre- and postnatal yoga teacher
Certified Doula

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