• 88 pages In this eBook guide we focus on the prenatal check-ups offered by the public healthcare system here in Denmark—what to expect from them and how to navigate them—and we provide a basic introduction to your rights and options. This guide is useful whether you plan to give birth at a hospital or at home.
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  • Wednesdays January 11 - February 22 19:00-21:00 !! NB!! No class February 1st !! 360° birth preparation in six foreseeable modules. Through inspiring presentations, hands-on exercises and activities, evidence based information and talk we strive for individuality; that you and your partner feel safe, primed and ready for birth – no matter how it will unfold. You will get 12 hours of teaching You will receive a compendium with both practical hands-on and written exercises. The first two modules are ‘women-only’ the next four modules are with partners and prospective birth helpers. The last module is about the fourth trimester, parenthood, sleeping positions, breastfeeding, rest and nourishment.
  • Wednesdays March 8 - April 19 2023 19:00-21:00 NB! No class April 5! 360° birth preparation in six foreseeable modules. See description below ↓
  • Wednesdays May 3 - June 7 2023 19:00-21:00 360° birth preparation in six foreseeable modules. Read more in description below.


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